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Submerge yourself in the world of cavemen together with the Odynauts in this exciting and tactical card game for daredevils. Who will be first to smother his opponent’s fire which used to be so important in the prehistory? If you’re not strong, you should be cunning in Cavemen Playing with Fire.

  • Outplay your opponent by clever bluffing or by luring her into a trap.
  • Make your way through the enemy’s caves and put out her fire to win.
  • Make the enemy’s caves your own to improve your chances of victory.
  • Play the invincible Dino wisely.
  • Exciting because you never know what you might encounter in the caves.
  • Cavemen Playing with Fire can be played in two ways!
  • Beautifully finished with illustrations by Uco Egmond, the man behind the Eppo comics.
  • Discover the names of the various Odynauts!

After their latest journey through time, the Odynauts have landed in the Stone Age. In this world, they are confronted with cavemen who revere fire above all else: it warms them and keeps wild and dangerous animals at bay. Because not all the cavemen have yet discovered how to make fire, some of them try to steal it from the others. The Odynauts, of course, see a challenging game in all of this, but, being their usual selves, thought it would be even more fun to put out an opponent’s fire rather than to steal it. Can you navigate safely through enemy caves? Can your cavemen outwit their stronger opponents or overpower their weaker ones? Can you be the first to put out an opponent’s fire?

Game designer/author: Steffan Ros
Illustrator: Uco Egmond
Age: 12+
Number of players: 2
Playtime: 10 – 30 min.
Content: 50 cards


English 2.0

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