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Are you a smart gambler? Show off your skills in this strategic and nerve-racking card game in which you visit the world’s most famous casinos to become Chipleader. Your goal is to collect as many of the valuable chips as you can, and to protect them from your opponents’ attacks. Remember that a solid defence is sometimes the best form of attack.

  • Together with the Odynauts visit the world’s most famous and glamorous casinos.
  • Collect nifty chip-piece cards by gambling smartly with suit cards.
  • Make complete casino chips with as many points as possible by putting together four chip-piece cards.
  • Protect your casino chips with face cards or use these to make life difficult for your opponents.
  • Steal cards from your opponents by playing the Ace or Joker cards.
  • Includes well-known elements from the casino such as poker chips, suited cards and a slot machine in a new form for an entertaining gaming experience.
  • Impressive and cheerful illustrations by Uco Egmond, the illustrator of the Eppo comics.
  • Addictive for young and old: no one can say no to this game!

The one place on Earth where lady luck truly smiles at you is the casino. The Odynauts decided to take the gamble, and spread out to the foremost gambling cities on our planet. From Macau to Monte Carlo and from Las Vegas to Amsterdam. They turned the casinos upside down and won at every game the casinos have on offer. Slot machines were cleaned out and poker tournaments were won. The casino bosses were not amused and quickly banned the Odynauts from their casinos. To still their voracious appetite for winning, the Odynauts have made their own casino game. Casino chips are bitten into pieces and slotmachines are stolen. All these well-known items from the casino form the basis of new and unique game: Chipleader. The Odynauts challenge you. Are you brave enough to accept their challenge? Are you a smart gambler and do you have the strategic insight to score the most points in putting casino chips back together? Can you protect your chips from your opponents’ attacks?

Game designer/author: Steffan Ros
Illustrator: Uco Egmond
Age: 12+
Number of players: 2 – 4
Playtime: ong. 45 min.
Content: 164 cards



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