Life is a game! So rings the life motto of the Odynauts. They are a competitive race of aliens whose fate is tied to the feeling that winning gives them. The thrill of winning produces a hormone which extends their life, while the hormone is broken down when they lose. Hence, to survive, the Odynauts need to win!

Long ago in a distant past, the Odynauts stilled their hunger for winning with war, corruption and deception. Then one day, after a fierce and violent battle, they realized that in such a depraved society no one really wins. It was a turning point in their history and from then onwards they decided to abandon their belligerent ways in favor of a more gentle and more humane society.

At first, the Odynauts strove for a world without egoism, self-servingness, and competition, a world, that is, in which everyone was a winner. This idealism was short-lived, however. Because of the ceasefire, the production in the special hormone they need to survive was halted and the Odynauts began to perish in droves. Extinction threatened the Odynauts when one fateful day they were introduced to the world of gaming.

Playing games was an ideal way to win without losing too much. But whereas the Odynauts first played games merely as a matter of survival, they soon realized that winning did not just increase the length of their life, it also increased their happiness.

After endlessly playing their own games, the Odynauts decided it was time to explore and see what the rest of the universe could offer in terms of gaming. They travelled the galaxy, creating new games wherever they went on the basis of what they encountered. And, after having travelled through numerous solar systems, they have now landed on Earth.



Ballsy is a descendant of one of the earliest Odynaut clans. According to our understanding, he would be “blue-blooded”. Ballsy’s clan lineage is filled with powerful rulers and warriors.  Winners, one might say. Despite the clan’s great history, however, it looks like Ballsy might be its last descendant. He is the only one left and, therefore, needs to produce offspring to ensure the clan’s survival. Hence, an enormous responsibility rests on his shoulders. He desperately needs to find a female Odynaut, and he has set his sights on Snappy. But will he manage to win her over? Ballsy is true leader, tough, strong, rugged, courageous, wreckless and brutal. He does not move out of the way for anyone. Yet, Ballsy also has a small heart.  Most curiously, like his forefathers, Ballsy has a weakness for small, fluffy animals. This softer side to Ballsy is his achilles heel and likely the reason why his clan is on the verge of extinction.



Snappy is a very attractive female Odynaut. She shamelessly tries to exploit her beauty to win over male Odynauts. Although in general she is quite successful in charming her male counterparts, her beauty is not only a blessing. It can also be a curse. Sometimes male Odynauts are too intimidated by her beauty, and therefore stay out of her way. Male  Odynauts do not like to feel insecure and when Snappy is waiting for them, at times even the biggest machos are overcome by shyness and quickly run away. Snappy is a descendent of the Odynauts that several generations earlier introduced the playing of games as the relatively safe way to survive into Odynaut culture. Her pedigree means that Snappy is very much attuned to thinking strategically. Snappy, therefore, pretty much wins every game she plays, and she absolutely can’t stand losing. Snappy is smart, sweet and caring. She knows how to bring Odynauts together. Snappy is also a no nonsense type and immediately spots duplicity.



Gritty’s life story is a curious one. He was one of a set of icosuplets. Even though Odynauts generally bear more than one child at a time, even by their standards for a female to have twenty children at once is truly remarkable. Gritty and the rest of his siblings are doing it tough, because other Odynauts prefer not to play them. Gritty and his siblings can undetectably alternate and support each other in a game, so that one can never be sure that game against one of them is being played fairly. A pervasive rumor about the icosuplets is that there were originally twenty-five rather than twenty.  Wild stories circulate in the Odynaut community about the so-called “lost five”. Because of all the rumors and the stigma associated with his family in playing games, Gritty feels like a social outcast and has a huge desire to prove himself. His battle for recognition has over the years turned into his mission in life.  Gritty is prickly and moody, and on a bad day can even be somewhat gloomy. Gritty is, however, a straight shooter and once he has taken you into his trust, you could not wish for a better friend.




Plucky, Gutsy and Zippy are really hard workers. They are the descendants of a group of highly successful Odynauts whose offspring form the largest clan. Because of the size of the clan, they are a politically extremely influential. It should, thus, not be too surprising that they are often first selected to play the newest, best, and most exclusive games. Plucky is a hard worker, loyal, social, and athletic. Gutsy is a real dare devil. Someone with guts that would never ask anyone to do something that he could do himself. Zippy is a thinker.




Coming soon: full story download, or click here to go to the game page.


Coming soon: full story download, or click here to go to the game page.


Coming soon: full story download, or click here to go to the game page.