September 19, 2013 – The roosters rule the Czech Republic

Odynaut Game Company takes great pride in the fact we found a new international partner in the Czech game publisher Stragoo Games. Stragoo Games is going to publish Rule the Roost, aka Kurnik, Karetni Hra, in the Czech Republic. In the fall of 2013 the game will be released. Not only will Kurnik, Karetni Hra […]

March 21, 2013 – USA here we come!

The first result of our meetings at the Toyfair in Nürnberg is a fact. We are happy and very proud to announce our cooperation with the renowned US game publisher and distributor Game Salute. Founded by industry veterans, Game Salute is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable tools and services to make the tabletop games […]

February 15, 2013 – Odynauts go global

Since the release of the first three Odynaut Game Company games in October 2012 things are going really well. Thanks to our distributor White Goblin Distribution, with special thanks to Bart Nijssen, Chipleader, Rule the Roost and Cavemen Playing With Fire can be purchased at 70+ (web)stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Of course the […]

October 30, 2012 – Spiel ’12 & Spellenspektakel

After an intense but phantastic couple of game fair weeks we are back home again. First we headed to Germany for the international launch of the Odynaut Games at Spiel ‘12 in Essen. Presenting the games to players and the press from all over the world was an unforgettable experience. Hardly recovered from this exciting […]

September 26, 2012 – The games have arrived!

We are very happy to announce that after a long journey the very first three Odynaut Games titles arrived safe and sound in the Netherlands. The first load of games have been delivered to stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. So the games can be purchased! On the Dutch language version of the website you […]

August 24, 2012 – Game rules online

Since it won’t take long before the first three Odynaut Games are available, we already put the manuals online. Learn now how to play Rule the Roost, Chipleader and Cavemen Playing with Fire. That way you can start playing right away as soon as you get your own Odynaut games. So get along, there is […]

August 20, 2012 – Press Release


New game company releases its first three card games

Life is a game

In an age in which computer games and apps inundate the headlines, the Odynaut Game Company still believes there is great fun to be had with old-fashioned board and card games. In the fall of 2012, the Odynauts -a […]

July 27, 2012 – All aboard!

Hot off the press, neatly packaged and shrink wrapped. Ready for shipment to the Netherlands. Knowing that this batch will arrive in the first week of September, fills our Odynaut heart with excitement.

July 24, 2012 – Booth 4-321 Spiel ’12 Essen Germany

During the following months Odynaut Game Company will be represented on many fairs. As you can see in the overview of fairs there will be plenty of opportunities to play the Odynaut Games. ‘Chipleader’, ‘Rule the Roost’ and ‘Caveman Playing with Fire’ will be for sale on the renowned, international gamefair Spiel in Essen, […]

July 21, 2012 – Printing process started

Behind the scenes of the Odyanaut Games imperium we have been really busy to get everything ready. The design, manuals and boxes of the first three Odynaut games needed some fine tuning. And of course the printing proofs needed to be approved. After some corrections the printing process has started. Hopefully the printing will […]