about us


Odynaut Game Company is an independent game company owned by Steffan Ros.  It develops and produces board and card games for real enthusiasts. In all of the games, the Odynauts play a starring role.

Steffan completed a degree in screenwriting at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam, and has since been active in the television entertainment industry. He has created the format for numerous television shows, amongst others for Tuvalu Media and John de Mol’s Talpa Content. Steffan is also an experienced story-teller. He has participated as a screenwriter in numerous television dramas in the Netherlands such as Westenwind and Intensive Care.  For the Cliniclowns foundation Steffan developed several media concepts. Currently, Steffan is Head of Development at tv-company North Sea Camel. Naturally, all this creative experience has been of immense value in creating new board and card games.

What has also been of value is a passion for playing games! All games go through an extensive testing phase in which they are tried by a large number of volunteers. Steffan actively participates in these trials to see what works and what doesn’t.

Odynaut Games has one simple mission: we want the valuable time that someone spends on a game to be worth their while!

Odynaut Games is proud of its close cooperation with illustrator Uco Egmond. Uco provided the illustrations for “Rule the Roost”, “Cavemen Playing with Fire” and “Chipleader”. Uco, by trade an industrial designer, started making comics in the 1970s. With one of these comics, he approached the comic magazine PEP. His comic “Eppo” became such a success in the magazine that two years later the magazine changed its name to EPPO. Next to many other comics, such as “Tobkok”, Uco also designed “Dutchy”, the mascotte of the Netherlands’ national soccer team.

The Odynauts are a competitive race of aliens who need to win to survive. They also believe that their happiness is determined by how many games they play. With this conviction, they are always looking for new games.  After an enormous gaming journey through numerous solar systems, the Odynauts have now landed on Earth.

The name Odynaut is combination of “odyssey” and “astronaut”.

An odyssey is a long, arduous journey and the term comes from Homer’s epic poem about the trials and tribulations of Odysseus on his journey from Troy to Ithaca. The angry sea god Poseidon was responsible for leading Odysseus from one dangerous adventure to the next, so that he took ten years to reach his homeland, Ithaca.

An astronaut is someone who travels in outer space.


Odynaut Games can help you design and produce a game that suits your needs.


A game is not just for fun, it can be extremely valuable to a company or other type of organization. A game not only just brings people together, it binds them. It is an informal way by which everyone can get a chance to think and communicate their own ideas. A game is also an excellent way to stimulate creative thinking in a group. In this way, a game can help gain substantial insight into some project or organizational question. It can also help create a better bond with clients or between co-workers.

Because of his extensive background in the entertainment industry, Steffan can also help you with devising a media campaign in which a board or card game is an element.

If you would like more information, please contact Steffan.