August 20, 2012 – Press Release


New game company releases its first three card games

Life is a game

In an age in which computer games and apps inundate the headlines, the Odynaut Game Company still believes there is great fun to be had with old-fashioned board and card games.  In the fall of 2012, the Odynauts -a competitive race of aliens that are the main characters in the company’s games- will have their biggest adventure yet, when they make their debut in the gaming world.  At Spiel 2012 in Essen, the Odynaut Game Company will introduce the world to its three first games. 

The games

The Odynaut Game Company will enter the gaming market by introducing not one, not two, but three new games:  ChipleaderRule the Roost and Cavemen Playing with Fire.They are three seperate card games, with their own gameplay and themes, but there is one common factor that binds all of them:  they were all devised by the Odynauts. And now, everyone can enjoy them! In the addictive game Chipleader, you visit the world’s most famous casinos in an effort to collect the most chips. In Rule the Roost you try to become the biggest, baddest rooster on the farm.  In the tactical game Cavemen Playing with Fire, you are a caveman that has to put out her opponent’s fire before they put out yours.


The Odynaut Game Company is an independent game company owned by Steffan Ros that produces board and card games. The Odynauts were brought to life in cooperation with Uco Egmond—most well-known for his illustrations in the Dutch Eppo comics. The storyline, the characters and the adventures are all the creation of Steffan Ros. He believes that his experience as a scenario writer for Dutch television shows such as “Westenwind” and “IC” combined with his passion for playing games assure that the Odynaut games have a unique flavor.

Steffan Ros: “The never-ending search for new games and the adventures of the Odynauts are the starting point for all the new games that they and you can thoroughly enjoy. And enjoyment is precisely the point: the Odynaut Game Company wants the time someone invests in learning and playing a game to be worth their while! That sounds ambitious because I am. The Odynaut game company has already begun to develop new games for the Odynaut series. I am also open to releasing board or card games created by others. At least if they get my approval and that of the Odynauts. I am also thinking about other ways to tell the stories of the Odynauts. For instance, the Odynauts would not mind their own comic or television series. The launch of the first three Odynaut card games is only the beginning as far as I am concerned. It is a begin to be proud of!”

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